Friday, June 22, 2012

VBS - Day 5 {last day}

This is the wrap-up post for a great week given to the Lord!  We had 42 {in all} today, great spirits, happy kids, tired workers, and most of all, a Lord who was pleased with His name being lifted high, taught, and praised all week long.  We give Him all of the glory!

{Below}  Another game similar to yesterday's.  Today's game, called "Lion Tamer" was another hit with the kids.  I bought several of these full-colored, laminated games complete with velcro a couple of years ago in a bookstore at a supporting church, Heritage Baptist Church, pastored by Scott Hanks.  What a fun addition these games have been to our VBS each day!

 {Below} Micah (16 months) entertained himself in this little crawlspace between two doors.

{Below} Pastor Bob and Mrs. Judy gave this "Tennessee" t-shirt to Igor, and hubby felt like it needed some adjusting.

{Below} Micah did not lack for little mothers this week!  Here he is being petted on and babied by two precious little orphan girls (and he did NOT like it one bit!)  Personally, I'd just like to take all of his little Mommies home with me, though I'm not too sure he would go for that...
{Below} A fun outdoor game for hot weather: freeze coins into colored ice cubes and have the teams compete with each other to see who can reveal the most coins within a chosen amount of time.   

Children came forward each day wanting to be talked with about salvation.  Our workers were careful to deal with them discreetly and make sure they were given a clear understanding of what it means to be saved, and how one can be saved.  We do not know an exact number of how many accepted Christ this week, but we give God all of the glory for what was done in these precious little hearts.  For those who did not accept Christ or who did not fully understand Christ's redemptive story, the seed was certainly sown in their little hearts.  And that is what it is all about, my friends.

{Below} So, I asked Nate what he thought about this week, and here is his answer for you:
To see some fantastic videos from the last day of VBS click on these links and you will be directed to Simferopol Baptist Church's Facebook page, which is administrated by our pastor's wife, Mrs. Judy:

1.  Song "We Are a Family" - favorite song of the week! (1 minute, 45 seconds)
2.  Song "Noah's Ark" (59 seconds)
3.  Song "How Can I Get to Heaven?" (1 minute, 25 seconds)
4.  Game time (20 seconds)
5.  Memory verse review with my hubby! (8 seconds)
6.  Craft (44 seconds)
7.  Snacks (43 seconds)

Thanks for praying for us!  Now we're off to get a little rest before Sunday...


  1. Loved Micah's face:) he's a cutie!!

  2. I've enjoyed reading these posts! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful week! Praise the Lord for all those precious souls! Looks like everyone had a great time! Good workers, good food, and sweet little kids who came to know a wonderful Father! Thanks for sharing with us! I love the Texas/Tennesse shirt! Good both ways for me since I grew up in both places! But I do prefer the Texas way most! Get some rest. Love Steph Way

  4. Oh, and I'm going to mention Micah, too! I loved the other photos, but your Micah was born in Decatur just a while after our Micah (great-grandson) was born in Granbury. I must admit he's done a much better job of growing hair than ours -- aren't they adorable? The photos show attentive children who are so active in their play, too. I know we can't hold VBS every day - but sure miss it when it's over.

  5. Jolene, I have so enjoyed reading back through these VBS posts! Wow, our Heavenly Father did amazing things in the lives of so many precious children... praying for each of them tonight!

    And, that last picture of Nate, certainly sums it all up!!! *Hugs* ~ Sheri

  6. Thank you so much for posting this series! Not only is it a blessing to see kids being saved and learning about Jesus in Ukraine, but a lot of your ideas are ones that will work just as well in our jr. Church here in the states! I'm always on the look-out for new ideas so again, thanks!!

  7. Thanks so much for this series. It was a blessing to see kids getting saved and learning about the Lord! Also, I was excited to see some of your ideas. I know we can use some of them in our jr. Church here in the states, so again, thanks so much!

  8. Thanks so much for these posts. What a blessing to see children being saved and learning about the Lord on another continent! Thanks also for posting some of the games and question ideas! I know they'll work here in our Jr. Church, and I am always looking for new ideas!

  9. Sharon HoffmeisterSunday, June 24, 2012

    It looks & sounds like a successful week. Micah is such a cutie. Take care. Love, Sharon

  10. Wow, just reading about your week has me worn out! What an incredibly busy time! But what a blessing to see the smiles on the children's faces and to know that they were able to hear a clear presentation of the gospel in such a happy environment!

    Poor Micah. He may only have one older sister, but he still hit the jackpot with the "little mommies"! It's just because he's so cute!

    LOVE Nate's face in that last one. :-)

  11. I am enjoying the VBS news.

    I know it was a special blessing to be able to be back home especially for this.

    I did enjoy the news and pictures of your "extended vacation".

    You are a blessing.


  12. Precious, Precious children -- looks like they all had a fantastic time ((: Great ideas for games, and I personally know Pastor Scott Hanks!!!! :D That's so awesome :D Your children are adorable, and what were the white things next to the cookies? Sugar coated marshmallows?

    1. Yes, I think that is what they are, though I can't say for sure since I didn't try them.


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