Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chocolate Chip cookies from America!

My all-time favorite cookies are chocolate chip, and we cannot get brown sugar or chocolate chips here in Ukraine to make them. There are several things that we Americans consider to be "basics" that we do not have here. Usually I will bring some of these things with me, but packing for two years at a time makes it impossible to bring very much. Shipping is very expensive, so we choose not to go that route either. Anyway, please don't feel sorry for us... that is not what this blog post is all about. Besides, I remind myself often that it is better for our health and waistlines not to have some of these things!

Not long ago David's sister Sarah (Knabb), also a missionary's wife in Vera Cruz, Mexico was in America and decided to ship us a "goodie box." One of the things she sent us was a package of Chocolate Chip cookie mix! We can't get any type of mixes here either (pancake, biscuit, corn bread, cake, cookie, etc...), so I am used to making everything from scratch. So, this little package was a blessing to us in more ways than one!

We do have M&M's and chocolate candy bars here, so we can use those as a substitution for chocolate chips. However, my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies are the "real deal" - made from brown sugar (not regular white) and chocolate chips. But, even better than that were these "packaged" ones that we were eating 20 minutes after we opened the package! Here are some pictures of my kids enjoying the cookies (and, yes, I DID share!):



Thank you, Uncle Jason and Aunt Sarah!!! We still have some more goodies that we are looking forward to!


  1. Yummy!

    Looks like the kids really enjoyed the cookies. I guess I am going to have to get used to the things that they don't have in Ukraine very soon too - we leave Tues. July 28 for Kiev!!! We should be in Simferopol by Fri.August 1 or Sat. August 2. We can't wait!


    P.S. I sent you a few emails, I hope you got them.

  2. We are missionaries in Uganda and have made our own brown sugar for 13 years. Mix 5 cups of white sugar with 1/4 cup molasses or black treacle. This mixes up quickly in a Kitchen Aid mixer or other heavy duty mixer. I enjoy reading all of your happenings there. Tell the Van Sants "hello" from Keith & Sally.

  3. I'm glad you found my blog, Sally. I, too, follow the letters YOU write through Bro. Eddie Grimes in Center, TX. Only problem about making the brown sugar ourselves is that we can't get molasses here either. I guess it WOULD be easier to bring molasses from America than several packages of brown sugar though! Thanks for the idea!


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25