Friday, July 3, 2009

Davey quoting Scriptures!

We are homeschooling using A Beka's DVD program. I am very pleased with their program, especially for the passages of Scriptures that Davey is learning in the 1st grade. You may be wondering why we are still homeschooling in June.... well, while we were on furlough last fall I decided not to be "superwoman" and try to "do it all." So, we focused on furlough at that time and enjoyed taking the kids on many "field trips." We officially started this school year in January, and we are scheduled to finished in August, just in time to start the next school year in September. One of the advantages of homeschooling is flexibility!



  1. Congratulations, Davy. You did a great job with your memory verses! I remember when your daddy was your size and would say his memory verses, too. Thank you for shareing them with us.

    Great Aunt Pam

  2. He did such a great job! And I love the OU jersey! :)

  3. Thanks Aunt Pam and Leah for the comments! Leah, the OU jersey means absolutely nothing in Ukraine, but David still makes sure that he and his boys are decked out and remain loyal. :)

    I'm not sure how this comment section works yet, so I'm curious to know if you receive a notification that I responded to your comments....

  4. Jolene, I didn't receive notification. I just came back and checked. When you post a comment, you have the option to receive e-mails for follow-up comments. I usually don't check the box because it sends an e-mail for every comment that is made.

  5. Thanks, Leah, for responding to my question... I'm still figuring out some of the functions on here - always new things to learn. When you get the time, I'd love to know how you "light up" words on your blog that send you to a link. I've seen several bloggers do that and was wondering how it is done. Thanks!

  6. Hey, Jolene. I didn't receive notification, I just check back to see if you have anything new!

    I pray you have a wonderful day today.

    Aunt Pam

  7. So adorable. I love to hear children quote the Bible. We did the same thing with our daughters when they were young. It will never leave them. Isn't that wonderful! I will show this to my husband. I'm sure he will enjoy this as well.


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