Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Men's Fishing Trip

Okay, this one is for the men who read my blog...!

About 15 of our church men got together for a fishing trip. Three of the men stayed up all night long. A couple of the men took their boys, and the children were more interested in swimming most of the time. Both of my boys came home with sunburns and exciting stories. Here are some pictures from their "overnighter." (And, many thanks to the Mitchums for supplying me with these pictures!)

Bro. Sasha (who formerly served in the Soviet army and who is an avid fisherman) heading up the activity

Bro. Sasha's "tent"

Waiting for a catch

These men are clever with their tents! Notice their comfortable beds...

Ahhh... regular Coleman tents as well. Not too much suffering going on here!

On a side note, please pray for a young adult man (about my age) by the name of Misha who is experiencing severe heart problems. He is the son of a dear deaf couple in our church, Oleg and Alla. Misha was hospitalized today and told that he would not have lived more than 48 hours if he had not been seen by a doctor. The family is currently trying to gather money and get him to Kiev, the capital city, for bypass surgery. Without this sugery, they were told he only has six months to live. Pray that God will touch Misha's heart physically and spiritually through all of this!

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