Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pastor Lonnie Moore Sings...

It was our privilege to have Pastor Lonnie Moore from Nicholasville, Kentucky, visit us recently here in Ukraine and stay in our home. Our own pastor, Dr. Jim Vineyard, suggested that we have Pastor Moore (whom we had never met) come here to sing to our people. Dr. Vineyard and Pastor Moore were to be in Israel together, and since it is fairly inexpensive to fly from Israel to Ukraine, Dr. Vineyard suggested he make this trip before heading back to Kentucky. Pastor Moore accepted our invitation, and we planned a special service where Bro. Moore had the opportunity to sing more than 30 minutes during our Sunday church service.


We took Bro. Moore several places while he was here (not letting him rest much, I'm afraid), and one of the places he was able to visit and sing in was a sweet 16-year-old handicapped girl's home. This special young lady, Alina, has been saved as a result of Simferopol Baptist Church's soulwinning outreach. Alina is an incredible overcomer, and I hope to tell her story here on my blog soon. However, for now, I wanted to share this special video with you of Pastor Moore's singing to our precious Alina.

Thank you, Pastor Moore, for coming. You were a tremendous blessing to us personally and to our people. Thank you, Dr. Vineyard, for suggesting this meeting. Now, get out your Kleenex, set aside some time, and let your heart be blessed by this video. Just follow this link... (My hubby David is doing the videoing).

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