Thursday, April 15, 2010

David's Blog


I am very excited to announce on here that my husband has joined me in this blogging journey! And, if you only have time to read one of our blogs, I would highly recommend that you read his. My blog is “newsy” about the ministry and our family, but his blog is dedicated to a much higher calling, which I highly admire.

We are promised in the Bible that God will bless us if we bless Israel. In today’s times, how can we do that? I mean, how can a stay-at-home mother of three little ones like me really “get in” on this special blessing that God has promised? And, how is it that a missionary to Ukraine who grew up on the mission field of Mexico really be able to help us in this area?

My husband is a third-generation missionary who has been saturated with the Bible his whole life, thanks to great parents who had a vision for their children. David can quote hundreds of verses and even entire chapters from memory. But, more than that, God has placed a special calling on his life to being an evangelist. However, he has always felt that God wanted to use him as an evangelist abroad – specifically, as a missionary evangelist. That is why we are here in Ukraine working under the ministry of the Van Sants, assisting in various church ministries.

In the last few years, however, the Lord has opened doors for David to begin assisting our pastor from Oklahoma in an outreach to Israel as well. He has been doing this by taking a few trips a year (which is fairly inexpensive from here) to help our sending pastor in various projects. I myself have been to Israel twice, and my heart is very burdened for these people.

Something that my David has come away from Israel with is the realization that we Christians simply are not knowledgeable enough on current events and what it all means in light of God’s Word. He has a burden to share with us stories of the people, the land, the soldiers, and what we can do to as Christians to support this tiny nation that has an enormous part in our Biblical heritage.

David has already written some posts, so I encourage you to start from the beginning and not miss a word. David is a brilliant man (let’s face it… how many of us speak three languages fluently?! And, since I’m his wife, I reserve the liberty to brag on him here!), so please take the time to think over what he is communicating to us. Then, let’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem and then join with David In Support of Israel! [And, for our Spanish friends, go here!]


  1. Love you! I enjoy your blogs!

  2. Thanks for your beautiful pictures of your church and the beautiful places you travel too! May God bless you

    your friend in Jesus

  3. Thanks, Jolene, I have just finished reading and subscribing to the web. I will look forward to more posts.

  4. Carrie @

    You have an amazing ministry and beautiful family. I love hearing how God is working in the lives of others. Ive never been to Isreal but would love to go.

  5. Great blog. I'm @ a meeting in Arkansas & on my phone so I can't comment on his blog. I will enjoy reading & keeping up to date. Tell him thanks from us. God Bless


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