Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday!

Easter morning started out with this special delivery from our village neighbor, Claudia, whom we are trying to get to church... What a sweet surprise this was!In deaf church, this young couple was saved.... Wouldn't Easter Sunday be a very special day to mark in your Bible as the day of your salvation?!David teaching his Sunday School class, the "Joint Heirs," - a class for married couples103 people in our hearing services today! Nelya did an amazing job teaching the junior-high aged orphans, by candlelight, about the meaning of Christ's death and resurrection: Sweet Alina was able to be in our services today, and what a joy it was to see this very special young lady in church once again! You can read a little about Alina here, though I would really like to do a separate post all about her...
And now for the exciting news..... (drumroll, please)..... Introducing our new BAPTISTRY! This is most likely the first ever baptistry in all of Ukraine (or one of the first!). Most baptisms here are performed in local rivers or lakes. After many prayers and a lot of imagination, our men finally came up with this solution:
Bro. Tony Hess baptizing his own son, Marc!

The six who were baptized in our church!:Alina, heading home with a sweet smile and happy heart:
I hope your Easter was just as fulfilling a day as ours here in Ukraine was! It is all because CHRIST AROSE that we are missionaries, spreading the Good News!


  1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Jolene. I really appreciate it. If I can resolve my internet problems, keeping the blog will be much more appealing. :) Glad you all had a great Easter!

  2. What an exciting day! Awesome baptistry :))) What a blessing to see what God is doing in Ukraine.

  3. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing. We had a wonderful Easter celebration at CCBC. The college put on a cantata that was amazing.
    God is so good!

    Much love to you,

  4. Hi Jolene,

    I really enjoyed today's post -- especially the video of Alina. Please do a post about her soon!

    God is really blessing here. Our numbers may be down, but our activity isn't. There's always something going on. If Davey remembers our Sunday School classroom, he wouldn't recognize it now. It's has pretty brown walls and a ceramic tile floor. There is a big closet across the back of the room, so there's no more junk stacked in the corners. It really looks like a college classroom! You'll be amazed to see what the Lord is doing.

    Well I'd better get busy. Have a great week.

  5. We enjoy your blog so very much. It really helps us to be able to pray with more understanding.

    We rejoice with you in all the blessings the Lord gave the church on Resurrection Day. HE IS ALIVE! How wonderful to have souls saved and baptized to celebrate our Savior's victory over sin, death, and our enemy Satan.

    Our Sunday was filled with rejoicing and thanking Christ for His great sacrifice and victory for us.

    Praying friends from Alabama,
    Ron and Jeni

  6. Hi Jolene! You dont know me but we will be adopting from orphanage number 9 and should be there in a matter of weeks!! Actually sometime in May. Is there anything that we can bring that would make your teachings helpfull, easier. Things that you need or the kids/preteens/teens need? Anything really. I can ask our church for donations. I also have many friends that work in a hospital if anything like that is needed. Let me know, would love to help! My name is Nance Fritz and my email is is my home email or is my work email

  7. I really did enjoy the videos' and hearing about that little girl is she
    The same one that the Van Sant's about? I will tell Nada and Henry what you
    Said and I know she will be glad to hear from you and I know Henry
    Will he loves to fish He has had to have a stint in the heart and I believe
    They will be putting another one next week or it might have been this week
    I for get so many things/ Keep up the updates I enjoy them I will be
    Glad when the Van Sant's get back on I always enjoyed their pictures
    Keep safe will talk later

    Love to all I just can't believe it has been 8 years since I met you
    Tell Bro. David I said keep up the good work



Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25