Friday, April 9, 2010

Take the Time

Take the time to hold his hand
and build castles in the sand
Take the time to share his dreams
and travel through rocky streams
Take the time to hold him near
and tell him he has nothing to fear
Take the time every chance you can
before your little boy's a man
Author: Unknown

I get very sentimental when I think about my Davey. There are several reasons for this, I'm sure. First of all, he is my firstborn, so when I look at him and realize that I probably only have 10 more years left with him at home, I get sentimental. Davey is also very much like his Daddy, and, after all, it was his Daddy that I was attracted to and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My Davey is also a very sentimental little guy himself. He has an extremely tender heart, and the two of us have shared some very tender moments together. Another reason might be that he was only three months old when we landed on Ukrainian soil as an "official missionary family." David and I were young and barely knew how to take care of the precious treasure we held in our arms. And, we felt much less capable as parents in a strange, new land. However, God has helped us through many times where we felt uncapable, and our Davey is turning into an outstanding young man, despite ourselves and much to our Lord's credit.

I am very proud of my Davey, who will soon be 8 years old and finishing 2nd grade. He is a self-motivator and very sharp (gets that from his Daddy!). He is very responsible, makes wonderful grades, speaks two languages, and is even learning to play the piano (and I can already see that he possesses his father's natural abilities at playing, and, yes, I'm jealous!)

I always joked as a teenager that my children would be perfect angels. And, while they are certainly not perfect (after all, I am their mother!), they are as precious to me as life itself.

I love you, my big man, Davey, and I really want to take time for you (which is why I am typing this while you are sweetly sleeping!).


  1. Hi Jolene! i can't believe Davey is almost 8 years old1 Time flies!!! I can relate to you about feeling proud of your son. Benjamin also speaks two languages and is learning to play the piano!!! ;-)God is good! besos Maria

  2. What a sweet post. Children do grow up so quickly. I was just thinking the other day about the huge responsibility parenthood is. I have four children that God has loaned to me to raise FOR HIM.
    The thought of "take the time" has been heavy on my heart lately as I stive to be a better mother.
    Enjoyed your post about your growing young man, Davey.


  3. this is very precious. What an honor to raise up men for the Lord! That poem is really touching also. - maria

  4. Thank you, Jolene, for the precious post about little Davey, which brought tears to my eyes.

    I love you, and am proud to be your


  5. How sweet to see your post. I have been playing Cherish the Moment for the past few weeks and thinking of my children and grandchildren as I play it on the piano. Love the words, thoughts, and most of all, YOU.

  6. Oh, yes -- take time.

    I just posted on childhood wonder -- something you never get to enjoy unless you slow down, go out into God's creation, and take a breat, with a child's hand in yours.

    Enjoyed your post. Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

  7. <3 your newest blog about Davey!

  8. Just read it! How sweet!!! When will he be 8? My oldest, Abigail, will be 8 this Wednesday!! Can't believe how fast they grow...before you know it, we'll have teenagers...YIKES!!! (We can't be old enough for that yet, can we?) ;-)

  9. Hey Jolene,
    I really enjoyed your post! It is so important to take time for the ones we love because time won't wait for us to realize how precious they are. I can hardly believe my little Aaliyah will be a year in two months. It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital!

  10. know Davey is a very precious little boy. Please tell him Happy Birthday for us.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Love and prayers,
    Dave and Kathy

  11. He'll be 8 on May 21st. He is already making big plans for how we will celebrate and we are looking forward to spending a special family time together on his big day!

  12. Davey is such a handsome young man! You and David are doing a wonderful job raising your little ones...can't wait to see you, soon, I hope :) Love you! ~Ruthie

  13. i love your blog!!


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