Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Little Boys Are Made Of

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails,
That's what boys are made of.
With dirt on his nose, and scrapes on his knees,
The throwing of rocks, and the climbing of trees,
With pockets of frogs, and jars full of bugs
Makes a sweet little boy full of kisses and hugs!
If you look up the word "boy" in the Webster's dictionary, you will certainly find a picture of my Nate next to the definition! Nate, who will be 6 years old this summer, is certainly all boy. He has an imagination bigger than the sky, energy faster than an engine, and collections of cars and dinosaurs that would make a grown man jealous! Nate is a charmer and usually the one that all of his babysitters fall in love with. He lives for the moment and would be the first in line to skydive if there were an opportunity within a thousand miles.
Nate is surprisingly artistic (I say surprisingly because I can hardly believe he can sit still long enough to finish a picture!) He is a daydreamer, so when it is time for dinner I have to bring him home from the hot battle-front of the Alamo or a bloody dinosaur battle before the food gets cold. Then, he is usually the last one to leave the table after a meal because he thoroughly enjoys every imaginative way he can think of eating. Oh, yes, and did you know that a bathtub can become an ocean full of sharks, ships, and sea creatures? Just ask Nate, and he can fill you in...
It is encouraging to see what a great student Nate is. He reads very quickly for his age and just today he reminded me that "readers are leaders." He is also a very loving child and smothers me with at least 30 kisses a day!

One really positive thing about having a boy who is just ALL BOY is knowing that he will grow up to be a MANLY MAN one day! I adore my little boy!
Below is a cute little recipe he had to come up with on his own for his K-5 class. It is just adorable, so I knew you would enjoy it too:
Strawberry pie
5 strawberries
2 spoons of sugar
1 crust
1 square of chocolate
4 spoons of milk
5 spoons of vanilla
Mix it all up. Pour it in a pan. Make it hot. Put it on a plate. Let it cool. Eat it.
And, below, a few more pictures of my action-packed boy:And we're off... to another great adventure with Nate!


  1. Love all the pictures of your Nate. My boys are like that too. Love having a house full of boys! LEGOS are the popular thing at my house right now. Their imaginations allow them to make those legos into ANYTHING! Then they share with me what every lego does on their plane, what their lego gun can do, where the rocket boost is, etc. Meanwhile Sarah is sitting in her room reading or playing quietly with her beloved dolls. What a wonderful life we live when we have dear family to share it with.

  2. He sounds a lot like my Andrew! Always an adventure around the corner for him.

  3. Love the pics! He sure looks a lot like his Momma!

    Thanks for sharing your family with us. Enjoy them while they're young and I'll be praying for them to grow to be strong young people in the Lord.

  4. Legos are a great idea, Rachel, especially for the winter months when they can't get outside. I'm also wanting to invest in a good set of "Lincoln logs" next time we are back in the states and near a Toys 'R Us. I think they would really love those too!

    The good thing about boys with big imaginations is that they can turn anything into a toy!

  5. Love this post. I'd love to have a little boy! (wishful thinking...smile)- Maria

  6. Thank you, Jolene, for the precious blog of Nate. When you were describing him, my mind went back to a little apartment kitchen, when he would sit beside me, and not really doddle over his food, but I believe just relished every bite...like he relishes every moment of life. Remember the scare he gave us twice when we couldn't find him at Davey's kindergarten program, and also at the apartment? Never a dull moment.

  7. Thanks for the pics. I enjoyed them much.

  8. Isn't he just beautiful? I am married to a very manly man, so my boys are ALL boy and I love every bit of it, too.

  9. A little advice from "your adopted father", do not let a moment slip by without enjoying the precious moments that GOD allows the little ones to be little. My Dad, who has been in Heaven now for 11 years, used to tell me, "Son, you better enjoy them while they are little, because, before you can turn around three times they will be grown."

  10. Such a sweetie! Enjoyed hearing his stories too.

  11. Jolene,

    What can I say? He is ADORABLE!! He's not "my baby" anymore! He is now "my boy"! Thank You for the beautiful pics! Maria


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