Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camp property, Part 1

If you've been following my blog for awhile now, you will know that our church bought land for camp last year. Since it will be several years before we will be using that land (it is still an open plot... next phase: locate a water source), we are going to be renting again.

We went today to look over the territory of a place we have never been, which is located about 15 minutes outside of our city. In this post, I will show you the outdoor pictures. In the next post you will see everything else.

Our tour begins at the entrance with the sign "Camp Mountain Creek:"
This camp is actually a sports camp, so the teens will not lack for physical activities, as you can see in the pictures below:
Fenced-in soccer field Basketball court
Physical training equipment
All three of the above-mentioned sports areas shown together

This place is HUGE. The rest of the pictures are just various pictures I took while we walked around. Unfortunately we will not be getting the entire place to ourselves. I don't believe we have ever had this privilege completely (which is one reason why we have decided to build our own camp). So, I guess I should be asking you to pray that they will not be able to find other renters {hee hee} or at least that the other groups that come will be nice. Honestly, I really want you to pray that we will be a testimony to anyone who may be our "neighbor" that week.

WARNING: There are a lot of pictures below! But, I am doing this for the benefit of my readers who will be coming... (A sports camp was already in full swing)

We will actually be using this camp two weeks in a row: the first week: deaf teens / the second week: hearing teens. The cost to use these facilities is $40 per camper. We estimate that it costs about $50-$60 per camper once we have added in the cost of t-shirts (which we give every camper each year), booklets, camp "store" items, repair work (you'll see what I mean in the next post), and various other items that we provide.
Ukrainian teens could never afford $50-$60, so we only ask that they pay $25. Every summer, year after year, God blesses us and always provides! Now, I won't pretend that we don't get nervous about the finances, but last year we ended up only $40 short.
And, I have no doubt that God will work another miracle this year...


  1. Hi again. If we would like to donate for this camp, how do we do so? I really enjoy following your blog and am so glad that God led me to it one day. I pray for you and God's mission over there and look forward to hearing how He works this summer during this sports camp. Kristi

  2. Looks like a great place Jolene. May the Lord bless.. We are doing an overnight camp this year for the first time. I never realized how expensive they were. You are doing a great job blogging.


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