Friday, May 28, 2010

Camp property, Part 2

In this post you will find the indoor pictures of the camp property we will be renting for two weeks this summer. [I also wanted to clarify from yesterday's post that the financial burden of hearing camp lies on the hearing church, and the financial burden of the deaf camp lies on the deaf church.]

We were shown a two-story building (sorry, no picture... can you believe it?!) where our church group will be sleeping... girls on the second floor, guys on the first floor. Here are some pictures from inside that building...

BELOW: Yikes! The toilets...! Ahem... this is a normal sight to us. I am thinking that we are going to have to somehow put up privacy dividers... and some toilet lids would be nice...

BELOW: Looks like we are going to have to figure out how to hang the shower head...

BELOW: Two adjoining dining halls... (We will be on a schedule, sharing these areas with other groups).

BELOW: The auditorium where services will be held. We will be adding chairs to make enough room for everyone...

BELOW: One of the shower rooms... please don't faint! We are going to have to add dividers, and I was thinking that some floor mats would be nice for those who do not have shower shoes. So long as there is warm water coming from those spickets (which they promised), and if you keep your eyes half closed {grin}, then maybe the feeling of getting clean will prevail!

Camp on the mission field.... Care to join us?

[I am laughing hysterically right now because this will be my 6th year to do this... and dare I even mention.... WITH KIDS?!] God always gives grace, and just yesterday my 8-year-old was jumping up and down at the realization that he will get to stay overnight just with the guys in only three years, since we invite ages 11-19 as campers! Now that thought makes me want to faint!
And, I believe it is fair to mention that those of us who live in the city will be returning home to sleep in our own beds and use our own showers at night. Does that seem totally unfair... to know that we are going to be more comfortable than everyone else? Actually, we would all be staying the whole time except that it gives us a huge price break if we are not sleeping there at night.
Ahhhh, now I feel better for confessing...!
Questions? Comments?


  1. Well...I would definitely be going for a few privacy curtains!


    New to following your blog. Member at Gospel Light Baptist Church and found your blog through a friend of mine's link on facebook.

    Praying for you and your family daily now.

  2. Jolene -

    Looking at these pictures makes me so excited for the kids going to camp this summer! I wish we could join you. I miss Ukraine more and more every day and hope that maybe some time next year we will be able to take a trip back for a visit.

    Are any of the children that are coming to camp orphans or just church members? I know we can't do much, but I would like to sponsor a camper or two if that is something that you think would be helpful. I might even be able to get a few more people to sponsor a camper for the week too. Please email me if this is something you think we could do and what the best way would be to send the funds.

    You are all in my prayers.


  3. Saw your camp pictures! Eek!!! Triple S shower house looks like a fancy place! I would be like you about those toilets and showers! haha! If I had to take a shower there I would be feeling imaginary bugs crawling all over me! haha!!! We'll be praying that the Lord blesses during those 2 weeks at camp that hearts will be spoken to and changed. Love you!

  4. Jolene you are a blessing to talk to I enjoy your letters so much especially the pictures

    The Van Sant was trying to buy land for the camp did they get it? I haven't heard from them so will try to write them again

    Love to all tell the children I am praying for a good two weeks for them

  5. Except for the missing toilet seats and not having shower or toilet dividers, not too bad! We had some pretty crumby looking showers at our camp when I was growing up, but at least had the seats and dividers.
    I really wouldn't mind joining you!
    Love to all,

  6. I was impressed with the camp facilities. Actually, it is MUCH better than the years LONG ago when I attended church camp as a child. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Mrs. Hickman

  7. Jolene, thank you for your blog pictures of youth camp. But quite frankly, I was a little disappointed that you didn’t have a picture of the hole-in-the-floor toilets. I’ve tried and tried to explain that concept to your siblings, and except for Philip, I don’t think I get through to them. They just look at me with a “no-way” look on their faces.


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