Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We have poppies growing all over the place these days! This is one of my favorite recent pictures... My three kids in a field of poppies with the city of Simferopol, Ukraine behind them... Breathtaking!
But, the reason I am posting about poppies today is because I found some slipped under the bathroom door two days ago. When I finished showering, I saw them... and then a proud, grinning boy when I walked out the door. Yep, my 8-year-old son had slipped them under the door for me to find them as a surprise...
I love having kids who love to surprise their Mommy with spring flowers! I hope they never outgrow this!


  1. wow. those poppies are gorgeous!! how lucky you are to have such a sweet boy!!

  2. Hi I sure enjoyed the flowers and it is so sweet when one of your children do something for mom you are blessed to have three beautiful children .
    You call where you live the village is it away's off from the city?

    I hope you have a blessed day
    Love to all

  3. These are such gorgeous pictures and I love your little gift. So sweet!

  4. The poppies are one of our fond memories of living in Crimea. The kids used to call the fields between Nikolaevka and Simferopol the Red Sea. Leah now is working on a red poppy tea set and dish set for her hope chest.


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