Monday, December 5, 2011

How Can We Pray for You?

Ever wondered how to pray for a missionary?  Then, this post is for you!  Over the past few years of traveling and attending Missions Conferences, I picked up some prayer sheets and thought I would share them with you.  Here are some great plans that these churches came up with that I hope are helpful...

Prayer Sheet Option #1:

Difficulties To Pray For In Missionary Work

1.  Distance: Of Travel To The People
     a.  Airplanes - mechanics
     b.  Boats - wisdom in navigation
     c.  Foot - shoes and boots
     d. Trucks - tires and engines
2.  Deception: And Savage Manner of Living
     a.  Pressure of being out of place
     b.  Pressure of living in an ungodly society
3.  Disasters:  In Learning The Language
     a.  Learning culture behind the language
     b.  Proper vocabulary
4.  Doubt:  And Disbelief Of God's People
     a.  In giving
     b.  In loving
     c.  In writing
     d.  In Visiting
5.  Dire Needs:  And Necessities Of Life
     a.  Clean water to drink
     b.  Supplies
     c.  Visas
     d.  Tools
     e.  Vehicles
     f.  BURDEN
6.  Danger:  Of Being Hurt Or Killed

Prayer Sheet Option #2:

How to Pray for Our Missionaries (notice on this one that the first letter of the day corresponds with the first letter of the prayer request)

Sunday - Spiritual life
Monday - Money
Tuesday - Temptation
Wednesday - Witnessing
Thursday - Team members
Friday - Family
Saturday - Safety

Prayer Sheet Option #3:

How To Pray For Your Missionaries

Sunday - Our Relationship With God
     a.  Personal growth in the Word of God
     b.  An effective prayer life
     c.  Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
     d.  Empowerment by the Holy Spirit
     e.  Victory over Satan and the flesh
Monday - Our Physical And Emotional Life
     a.  Good Health
     b.  Protection from disease and other hazards
     c.  Protection from hostile governments, religions, and nationals
     d.  Safety while traveling on planes, subways, buses, trams, trains, bicycles, taxes, animals, and on foot
     e.  Deliverance from discouragement, loneliness, and depression
Tuesday - Our Family Life
     a.  A marriage that is a good testimony to the nationals
     b.  The children's education
     c.  The raising and training of the children
     d.  Strength for the children, especially teenage children, to withstand the world's temptations
     e.  The children to love the Lord and the ministry
Wednesday - Our Ability to Communicate
     a.  Good success in language school
     b.  Ability to communicate God's Word with clarity
Thursday - Our Ministry
     a.  Boldness to witness
     b.  Open doors in schools, orphanages, prisons, etc.
     c.  Wisdom in preaching and teaching
     d.  Receptive hearts towards our witnessing, teaching, preaching, counseling, discipling, etc.
     e.  Fruit that will remain
Friday - Our Need For Fellow Workers
     a.  Nationals to get their hearts stirred for service
     b.  Christians to surrender to God's call on their lives and come to the field and help us
Saturday - Our Country Of Service
     a.  Stability in the political realm so we can remain in the country
     b.  The leadership of the country to allow freedom in the distribution of the Gospel
     c.  People to have their eyes opened to the deception of their false religion
     d.  Protection of our country from natural disasters and catastrophes that would kill our people
If you have ever taken time out of your busy schedule to pray for a missionary.... thank you... from the bottom of my heart.


  1. What great lists! What a wonderful blessing to think of someone praying for our family in that way! I'm going to print those up (if you don't mind) as a way to not only share when others ask us how they can pray for us, but also to remind me of those things for which to pray for when I'm praying for other missionaries.
    What a blessing, Jolene!

  2. I really like the third one. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Many people don't realize the importance of prayer to a missionary. The Lord has given deliverance, protection, encouragement, and grace for the exact moment because of the prayers of faithful saints for laboring missionaries abroad.

    Continue to pray, Friends!

    Thank you, from a grateful missionary lady!

    (Thank you, Jolene, for sharing these prayer sheets!)

  4. I REALLY like the different suggestions for praying for missionaries each day.
    I will use them all alternately. By the way, I pray for you each day.
    May the Lord bless you.

  5. Hi! Wow! What excellent suggestions for more effective praying for our missionaries. Have heard messages, but these lists are clear and will be very useful. Thank you for sharing them.
    Bill & Barbara McFeters

  6. Jolene, I read your article regarding "Praying for Missionaries" and I want to tell you how humbled and honored I was when I saw our card there. I felt so deeply humbled to have someone, who I consider a "Wonderful Missionary Wife" to be praying for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your blog is a great encouragement to me. And I do believe your children will be another generation of "Great Missionaries"."


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25