Friday, December 30, 2011

Bookmarks for Mimi!

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday.  So what kind of gift can the grandkids give their Mimi when she lives 7,100 miles away from them?  Picture bookmarks! 
This is another idea I saw on Pinterest and just knew I had to do.  You can click here to see the original idea.  You can also use this idea and make some fun magnets for your refrigerator, which I haven't tried... yet.

First of all, I took pictures of the kids and had them pretend they were holding onto a rope.  This didn't take much persuasion at all.  They were more-than-willing little actors and enjoyed coming up with their own poses.  In fact, I later had so many pictures it was difficult to decide between them all.  However, I ended up trying to choose three different, unique poses for each child.

Our nearly 11-month old baby was the most difficult to pose since he doesn't sit still for long.  It is challenging to take a picture of him that doesn't turn out blurry since he is a man-on-the-move. We finally decided to sit him in the bathtub (to corral him) and hold a toy over his head.  This was the result:

I then cut the pictures out and made a little customized flower pot for the baby, so that he did not look like his body was cut off.  This worked out well!

I then had the pictures laminated at our local Kinko's printing shop, cut 'em out again, cut little holes in 'em, and added some beautiful rope-like string I already had.
{Below} And, here they are, lying in a Bible opened to our Mimi's favorite Bible verse, Nahum 1:7.
  {Below} Our three silly big kids, excited to send their creations to their Mimi.
 {Below}  Brianna, signing her Mimi's birthday card

We love you, Mom, and hope these little bookmarks bring you many smiles, delight, and pleasure to your daily morning Bible-reading time!

Happy Birthday!


  1. I can't wait to make those!!!!!! They are soooo cute :)(The kids and the bookmarks :)). Thanks for another neat idea!

  2. Ah, I want to make them too!!! Thank you so much for sharing Jolene, and I know your that Mimi, will LOVE them! *Hugs*

  3. Thank you for sharing these precious bookmarks. I am reminded of doing things similar for my mother years ago. I would like to share with you two posts I wrote about gifts I sent to my mother(as we were overseas often)...
    ---this post was for mom on Mother's Day, and this is from another Mother's day
    ---I had no idea how my humble homespun gifts-made a mother/grandmother smile.

    Your service, your family, and your sweet spirit brighten my day, and for that I wish to thank you so much.

    Have a wonderful New Year


  4. We are going to make these!!!What a great idea for Grandparents who live far away!!!

  5. I'll be using this idea for grandparents too! What a precious memory to give them!

  6. I just love these! i am so going to do them. For Christmas (we're a bit late) we're making these for my husband's relatives:

  7. Good job! They came out so cute!

  8. I saw this too and will make them for my mom for Mothers Day this year =)

  9. I loved them. I am going to make a set for me to use from your pictures, and then I will make a set of my own grandchildren to make a set for myself.

    Looking forward to your next wonderful blog.
    Happy New Year and love to all,

  10. I love the rope string you used - will have to try that on my next batch! Glad they turned out so adorable!!!

  11. I also saw this idea on Pinterest and can't wait to do it! Yours turned out absolutely adorable!

  12. AWE-some!!!

    Look forward to seeing those bookmarks!

    Love to all!


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