Friday, December 9, 2011

Tour My Home - part 7: {boys' bedroom}

(Below) Enter at your own risk... You have been warned!
Welcome to Davey's (age 9) and Nate's (age 7) room!  This is a very small space, but one we hope they will live in for only a couple of more years.  The big future plan is to one day build a big room in our attic that all three of our boys will share.  For now, this is their happy space:
(Below) This is Davey's bed and desk. When we bought his bed, we had no furniture at all for him. This all-in-one bed answered all of our needs at once, providing us a place to store all of his clothing, books, and toys.
(Below)  This is Nate's bed that we bought when he was just a baby.   Hubby's mom was coming to visit us from Mexico {yay!}, and we needed a place for her to sleep.  We already had Davey's bed, but we did not want her climbing up it.  So, we bought this bed for Nate prematurely, and it now has very special memories attached to it!
(Below)  I found these fabric boxes at Target several years ago for $1 each and brought them to Ukraine with us.  They are the perfect solution for storing small toys such as cars, blocks, army men, etc...
(Below)  And this is where our Davey (4th grader) homeschools each day.  (He homeschools using A Beka DVDs - which is why he gets a TV in school!)
(Below) I labeled this picture to show you where the boys' room is located in relation to the rest of the house.
(Below) A fairly new feature to our home are these shelves in the boys' closet.  We had them put in at the same time we had our master closet built.  They are one of my favorite things about this room!

(Below) I still need to add some pictures to the walls.  Recently I found this picture on Pinterest which is the perfect solution.  Everything about it is perfect.... the words AND the colors!  I look forward to eventually having it printed, framed, and mounted.
Left to do in this room:
1)  Closet doors
2)  Finish decorating
3)  One day I'd love to replace the carpet.  The carpet that is currently in this room was leftover from a previous apartment and it is actually too small for this space.  We were able to hide part of the problem with the beds, but if you look closely you can also see where we had to add a strip of different carpet in the doorway.  (However, this problem is not too big on our list of priorities.)

Next (and last room) to this tour.... the BIGGIE, coming up next!  The last room will include our living room, dining area, kitchen, and office space... which are all in one big area.  Can't wait to show it to you, especially since it is all decorated for Christmas right now!


  1. I have loved every room so far, Jolene! I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Yes, it looks small, but perfectly arranged for two handsome boys. It looks like a cozy place to be able to do school work and reading, etc.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jolene. I love the storage idea under Davey's bed. Your house is so cute.

  4. Enjoy your blog so much!

  5. I love the little "boy" saying you are going to hang on the wall--I repinned it to hang in my little guys room :)

  6. I love the way you decorate.:)You make a small space look so doable.:)Hoping to try some new things in my boys room.You made yours so homey.Looking forward to the rest of the tour.Makes me feel like I am visiting a friend.:)

  7. So cute! I love it! The colors are so cheerful! Everything is so neat. I can't wait to see the rest of the house!


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