Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 at Simferopol Baptist Church

(All thanks to the Van Sants for these pictures.  We were in church Christmas day, but with sick children; therefore, taking pictures was not on my list of priorities!)

In deaf church...

{Below} Deaf pastor, Slava, preaching

{Below} Signing/singing "Silent Night"
  {Below} Deaf children (with their families) receiving presents

 And in hearing church...

{Below} Receiving gifts!

Doesn't it just feel right to be in God's house on Christmas Day?!


  1. Yes! It was nice to have Christmas on a Sunday. It was a little weird, after all these years of seeing December 25 just go by for most people, though. That's usually our family Christmas, so it was very different for us. I did laugh, when we heard from friends and family in the states, that they had "abbreviated services." We were at church for at least 8 hours. :-)

    Will you celebrate again on the 7th?

    Sorry to hear that you have sick children. :-(

  2. Awesome pics!! Thanks for continuing to share you field. Hope it was a great day for you, and that Bro. David gave you lots of good junk!

  3. Hi :) I sure hope your children get well soon. But enjoy lots of snuggles, cuddles, and lovin' in the mean time. I have always LOVED having Christmas on a Sunday. It does just seem RIGHT! I think every Christmas should find the doors of every local church open for a service. Even being in the ministry, we LOVED it. We just did most of our family Christmas time the day before and just thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Sunday with our church here. Singing Christmas Carols together, the children's choir singing a new carol they learned, the preaching, children's classes, a wonderful fellowship dinner with everyone after service, a pinata for the children, and even cleaning up together afterwards. It was wonderful! So thankful for the One who came to save and continues to save all over the world today!

  4. We loved that Christmas was on a Sunday this year! We were all saying we should have a morning service every Christmas! :)
    Glad you enjoyed yours, despite the sick kids :(

  5. Looks like a great service. How beautiful!

    I am glad you get to enjoy such beauty, especially among believers.

    Much love!


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