Friday, December 2, 2011

Abigail Miller's music... a family favorite!

A church that has been very faithful to support our ministry for ten years now is Grace Independent Baptist church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  {Thank you, friends!} An evangelist family sent out of that church is Paul and Abigail Miller and their nine children (whom we have never met... yet!)
A few months ago, the Millers very graciously sent us the MP3 files to this CD:
I cannot tell you enough how MUCH we have listened to our music from the Millers!  Abigail  has the voice of an angel... Her music is conservative, Christ-honoring, wholesome, and just beautiful!  Our oldest son, Davey, who is 9 years old, listens to Abigail Miller on his MP3 player during our daily "quiet time."  It is completely normal to hear him singing the title song "I Can Go In" as he goes about his day.  And, I love that!  I love to hear my children express the joy of their salvation through song!   

Abigail Miller has her own website with five CDs for sale.  Let me encourage you to hop over there and get yourself some good music!  You can even download individual songs for just 99 cents.... what a deal!  [And, if you're going to just download one... let me strongly encourage you to download "I Can Go In."  You'll be glad you did.] 

So, even though we have put all of our regular music aside for the holidays (gotta love that Christmas music!), you can still hear Abigail Miller's music splashed in with "Silent Night" and "Joy to the World" in our home this season!


  1. Certainly do enjoy your blog!

  2. Praise the Lord! It's a small world, isn't it? Thanks for telling others about Abigail's music. We appreciate that very much. God bless you!

  3. Jolene,
    We know the Millers personally. When we lived in MS that was our home church! So glad her music is going internationally. The family is such a blessing. They were just with us for a Revival Meeting a couple of weeks ago. The kids were all thrilled to see their "Mississippi Friends"(as they call them) again. Anyway, I just got so excited when I saw this post. It's like knowing a famous person!! Though I know they would not feel that way. lol Love and praying for ya'll!

  4. I love your blogspot Jolene! You have a beautiful family!"

  5. We met the Millers a couple of times while we were still on deputation. They are a really sweet family. And we love her music too. That song, "I Can Go In" brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

  6. I had to smile when I saw this. :-) I grew up with Abby and spent a lot of time with her family in my late tens/early twenties. Her songs are such a blessing!! And so is she if you ever get a chance to meet her and her family in person someday!

  7. I found your site on google when I was researching the Miller family. It has been a year since I learned to really appreciate Abigail's music. I have not met them personally only on Facebook and email but I have truly been blessed by this precious family. I have purchased all their albums, to include the newest Deeper Still.

    Now I am working on getting the soundtracks. I plan to use the soundtracks for background music especially during our homeschool hours. Recently my daughter found 120 scripture songs that Abigail did that are made available free that are a blessing to us. By the grace of our Lord I want to turn them into video and I posted the first one on a site I recently launched called Scripture Look

    Needless to say our house is filled with the Miller's God honoring music. I even took a portion of one of the scripture songs we downloaded and turned it into an alarm where Abigail sings, "Wake up, wake up this is not the time to snore, Wake up, verse 6 of Psalm 24. You are the generation of those that seek the Lord. Seek Him, seek Him for great is your reward." Praise the Lord :)

    Don't you just love the internet...I do not know you either but your post was such a blessing. Thank you....Blessings to you all.


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