Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Christmas pictures 2011

In America, having family pictures printed as Christmas cards has been popular for years.  But, that is something that is not done here in Ukraine yet.  Since I love all things "picture," I have been thinking about making up my own.

And, since one idea breeds another, I immediately knew I wanted to do this for Christmas and thought, "Candy canes instead of tootsie pops sure would be PERFECT!"  The only problem is, we do not have candy canes here.  No problem, then.  Ukrainians don't associate candy canes with Christmas anyway! 

I got started on my project right away.  We haven't worn short sleeves here in a couple of months, so you can see that this picture (below) was not recent.
Then, I uploaded my picture to the amazing online photo-editing program Picnik.  I enhanced the colors, added  festive hats, "snow" (do you think they will believe it was snowing while my kids were wearing short sleeves?!), and a frame.  Then, I added the Russian text (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) through another program [from that is downloaded to my computer] since the online program Picnik does not type Russian text.  And there you have it! (below)
 Still not done, though.  Then, we bought lots of little suckers...
 I got an X-acto knife, ruler, and old cutting board...
 ...cut around Nate's hand and added a sucker!
 And here it is, all complete!
 When I finish this project, I will have enough to give each family in our church here on Christmas Day!
So, there you have it... our version of a family Christmas card to give out this year.  Thoughtful, inexpensive, easy, and just down-right fun!  I mean, who doesn't love to receive candy from cute, smiling kids?!


  1. That is such a cute idea! Your kids are adorable too :)

  2. Jolene, you are amazing! I absolutely LOVE your Christmas card idea and the picture of you kiddoes is fun, adorable, and so joyful!!! I love watching how our Father, is using your family to spread HIS JOY, in Ukraine! *Hugs*

  3. You creative thing, You!

    Love it!

    Kiss the kids for me! I miss you!

  4. Very cute and creative!!! Picnic is so wonderful and such a fun way to add to pictures. You sure did a great job.
    Pinterest is new to me, but I am enjoying all the interesting ideas. It's even helped me out with some Christmas ideas for our church people and Ron's English students.
    MERRY CHIRSTMAS to you and your family!

  5. This is such a cute idea!!


  6. Super cute...the card, the idea, AND the kiddos!

  7. What a great idea! Pinterest has helped my uncreative brain so much! :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your precious family, Jolene!

    Oh, and candy is the BEST!!! :)

  8. Love it! Very neat ideas!

  9. It is very nice...enjoy seeing how the kiddos are growing....Merry Christman to you and your family. Love y'all and appreciate the work you are doing.

  10. You made me smile! I Love it and once again your creativity comes through loud and clear.
    I am sure everyone will love it, too.
    Blessings to you.

  11. Jolene I have put your Christmas Cards on face book for all My friends to see I really do enjoy your pictures. This year will be A little sad for us we had to put down out 17 year dog he was Like family /
    Wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Love to all

  12. Cute idea, Jolene!

  13. What an adorable idea! I love it!

  14. Love your Christmas cards!!! You are so gifted.

  15. Those are so cute! I have never thought of that before.

  16. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Such a sweet idea! You always have such great ideas!

  17. Your pics were SO cute!!! LOVE all the ideas!!! :D You are such a blessing to me!!!
    Praying you & your family have a warm & loving & fun-filled memorable Christmas overflowing with lots of blessings!!!
    Love & miss you!
    Hugged in my prayers,


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